Day 25, Luke 6:37

“Moreover, stop judging, and ​YOU​ will by no means be judged; and stop condemning, and ​YOU​ will by no means be condemned. Keep on releasing, and ​YOU​ will be released.” – Luke 6:37

When I started studying the Word of God, I decided to detach myself from the world starting with politics. It is not that I don’t like our leaders, I just don’t want to complicate myself further because I know, I myself has lot of mess already. I want to start cleaning with my backyard first 🙂

I have not watched TV for a long time already, so I hadn’t got the chance to take a glimpse with the electorates. But since I am actively involved with the social network, I can see my friends’ comments, reactions, outcries, hullabaloos, etc. about who’s who for the various posts. So I came to know (for first time and only during the Election Day) Ms Nancy Binay, a senatorial candidate, eldest daughter of the current Vice President Jejomar Binay. I got curious about her and on that day, I immediately Google her and whoa! The young senatorial aspirant was questioned by the people of being inexperienced, incapable, and undeserving and her credentials were under an intense scrutiny. Adding insult to the injury, some gave her names like the famous twitter hash tag #TeamKadiliman and #OJTparinsiNancyBinay. Some just joke around and tweet something like:

America : OBAMA – First Black President Philippines : NANCY BINAY – First Black Senator

Once there was a girl named Nancy Binay who walked in a field of wheat and POOF! It became Koko Crunch!

Nancy Binay in orange = Ovaltine


Maybe there are more capable. Maybe there more fit. Maybe there are more intelligent. I have two questions for the people of the republic, why did Ms Binay grabbed the 5th place on the Senatorial posts? Who put her on that position? I’m sure I’m not! But you know what, if I got the chance to vote, I will vote her really. Because I see something different from her:

1. She may look ignorant to most but I saw innocence by the way she spoke. When you are innocent like a child for example, you are speaking from the heart and it is genuine. If she has the heart to serve, that is fine for me. You don’t need to be intelligent to serve. What is important is that you are honest and has the big heart for people. Laws, knowledge, expertise and skills are from the earth and it can be learned. Pureness of intentions is from the heart and wisdom is from our mind, these two are God given. (Job 35:11)

2. She may look old-fashioned but I saw simplicity. Belo and Calayan is within reach, papaya soap costs only a cent, fashionistas playground maybe the Binay’s pride, Makati City. For sure Ms Binay is used to be in front of the camera from her childhood and she definitely saw herself in TV. But she chose to be just herself. Beauty is not her priority and that makes her different from the rest.

The lamp of the body is the eye. If, then, your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright; but if your eye is wicked, your whole body will be dark. If in reality the light that is in you is darkness, how great that darkness is! – Matthew 6:22~23

3. She was attacked in all aspects what I never saw her fought back. Her answers on interviews are never judgmental, I don’t hear her criticize, never use harsh words, and always humble. I admire her for that because an attitude like that is never built overnight. It simply shows that she was brought up that way and that’s a plus.

I know at this point of time, Binay being on top 5 senatorial race is still a hot issue. Many may react on this post, but friends, these are my point of views. Because I believe, that the one who wins a debate is not always the best, the one who finishes a doctorate degree is not always fit for a position, the one who is beautiful is not always famous and the one who has the experience may not be an expert. And by the way, I don’t believe that experience is the best teacher. It is wise to learn from others’ experience and apply it on your own. Wisdom is not with age, it is by asking from God wholeheartedly and with good intentions.(Romans 15:4)

Going back, “Moreover, stop judging, and ​YOU​ will by no means be judged; and stop condemning, and ​YOU​ will by no means be condemned. Keep on releasing, and ​YOU​ will be released.” – Luke 6:37


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