Truly Rich Club

When 2013 started, I immediately lay out my goals. “A new year, a new beginning, a new me”-kinda thing! Once I met my best friend and he asked, “Hi Louise, how are you?”. Then I said, “Pol, I’m a changed woman now”. Without hesitation he replied “You’re a changed person every time!”. Well, what’s wrong with that? That’s way better than no changes at all, right? I believe people should change and move, just like a boat, we should sail. But sometimes, we failed to see or consider why are we sailing, what is ahead of that vast ocean, why we stumble, why we should turn-around sometimes, why storms are sometimes too huge to bear. And so on and so forth.

Well, back to my goals (lol), I have a habit to really put them in writing and read it once in a while (weeeee, di nga?). Kumukontra si self! Anyway, I want to share them with you (gosh, am I doin’ this for real??) for various reasons, waaaaahhhhh:

1. For you to know

2. For you to be inspired :p

3. For me to get pressured

I want a balanced life (because that’s the secret of every successful person, huh!) so I made goals for every aspect of  my life:

1. Spiritual

  • Praying before sleeping 
  • Consistently attend the midweek and Sunday meeting
  • Read magazines daily
  • Read a bible verse daily

2. Financial

  • No additional debts
  • Read a financial book daily
  • No unplanned shopping
  • Do daily something  for PRU

3. Relationship

  • Weekly call to family
  • Talk & greet to relatives
  • Talk/Go out with friends
  • Be friendly to everyone
  • Genuine smile to everyone
  • Keep in touch with old friends

4. Career Growth (I hope my boss wont be able to read this!)

  • Read book once per week
  • One (1) improvement per week
  • Close all project
  • One-on-one talk daily with PS

5. Health (I think I forgot all of these except USANA!)

  • Gym 3 times /week
  • 1/4 cup of rice
  • USANA vitamins
  • Fish only, no meat

6. Toastmastering

  • CL/CC this year
  • Role or speech every meeting

Yipey! I made it! So what now? I don’t know, seriously. I may not be able to accomplish all these but one thing I learned is that, I knew what I want and I’m doing something about it. Sometimes, our goals change depending on our circumstances. That’s the time when we shift gears, sail on the other direction, change paradigm, change mood (jowk!)…

One of the changes I made is on my financial goals. While I’m doing well with my day job (ehem), I always believe in learning more or mastering the use of money. Someone said, “Money will be nothing but a piece of paper until you put value on it”. In my search for knowledge about investment, I found the Truly Rich Club very helpful. I am with Bro. Bo’s cause in spreading financial literacy especially to the young people (because Youth is the hope of our fatherland!). The Philippines is a lovely country, I just wish Filipinos will just stay here, invest here, do business here, be with there family here 🙂 

Well, if you want to know further about Truly Rich Club, please click here! You’ll find people here with the passion for learning, investing, financial planning, loving God, giving, everything! What I love with this is that, you can “singit” it to you time, as long as you the internet access, you can learn and earn at the same time. Thank you so much Bro Bo for this club! Join me here!

Be truly rich! More info here..



3 thoughts on “Truly Rich Club

  1. Hi Louise, I got here via the Truly Rich Bo Clubs. Thank you for sharing your goals.

    Just a few comments, sometimes, it’s hard to measure goals (and oftentimes it’s easier to lose track), especially the recurring ones, so I suggest to have a calendar. Every time you accomplished your daily goals, crossed out that particular day. This way, you can develop a habit and track your progress. You should also see this calendar every day to inspire/remind yourself.

    I hope this helps.


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